Chris Sheffield Shirtless: Girlfriend?

chris sheffield sexy hot redhead

Oh my! Famewatchers, check out this hot ginger hunk. His name is Chris Sheffield. He’s an American actor. He’s been acting since 2002. He’s co-starring in the upcoming movie, The Maze Runner which also features Aml Ameen and Ki Hong Lee.

Chris will be playing the role of Ben, a maze runner. Check him out:

chris sheffield ben - maze runner

The 26 year old actor tells us more about the character he plays in an interview with

In the book, Ben was a Builder, but in the movie Ben became a Runner. Did you get an explanation for why that happened? Do you think it brought anything different to his character?

Yes, I do think that brought a bit of difference in the role and especially the story. In adapting the book to film, Ben is strategically used to truly establish how dangerous, unpredictable and dark things can and will get within this place. In order to accomplish this successfully, Ben became a runner. The runners are the strongest, fastest individuals in the Glade and making Ben one and seeing what happens to him is more powerful. It also helps Thomas enter in the film because he steps up and fills a void that is left after the banishment. Plus, I loved those bits of running and action that I got to do with [Dylan O’Brien]! We had fun.