Chris Pine Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Star Trek

Chris Pine Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Star Trek. Looking for a Chris Pine underwear pic? Here’s a still photo from the Star Trek movie when Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk was romancing the green girl. He’s got a nice butt, eh? We won’t be surprised if someone photoshops this and change the green girl to Spock. They do look good together, eh?

chris pine underwear star trek

More Chris Pine photos his fangirls and fanboys.

Chris Pine White Briefs Underwear in Unstoppable
31 October 2011

If you watched Chris’s Unstoppable movie last year about a train engineer and a rookie conductor (played by Chris), you’d have caught a glimpse of our man’s tighty whitie underwear. It was a short blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of scene.

Fortunately for those of you who blinked, a good samaritan has come up with this Youtube video Chris’s underwear scene so you’ll see what you missed.

Impressive, huh?

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Chris Pine Shirtless and Jogging Photos
11 May 2009

chris pine bulge in shorts

How do you know that a movie star is hitting it big in Hollywood? When fans go googling “Chris Pine shirtless” or “Chris Pine sexy”, that’s how.

chris pine short pant

Consider your dream fulfilled, you lascivious (hehe) superfans you. Oh, and we have a photo of Chris in bed with a man too.

chris pine gay or straight

Okay, we think this is fake and all but it doesn’t kill anyone if we pretend that it is real, right?

chris pine shirtless body


Star Trek Movie Star Chris Pine Goes Shirtless
07 May 2009

chris pine shirtless in shorts

Chris Pine, is that you? You kinda look Gyllenhaalic in them glasses and shorts. You should have dragged Zachary Quinto along so he’ll enjoy the sun as well. More shirtless photos of our Chris after the jump.

chris pine shirtless

Is Chris totally body hair-free or has he been manscaping a-la Simon Cowell? [See Male Body Hair Removal: The Simon Cowell Exhibit.] What would Chris look like if he’s got some hair in them chest? We think he’ll remain cute but will be a manlier.

chris pine treasure trail

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