Charlotte Crosby Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Charlotte Crosby Plastic Surgery. Today in celebrity plastic surgery, we bring you Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby and her before and after plastic surgery photos. You, of course, know that she had a nose job. Experts also suggest that she had lip filler augmentation. Moreover, the reality star admits to being a fan of botox.

So, let’s check out Charlotte’s before and after nose job, shall we?

charlotte crosby plastic surgery before and after nose job

She sure looks much better now with her nose job, no? Them surgeons have done a pretty good job. For those who are wondering, our Charlotte underwent surgery at the Elite Surgical center which bills itself as the “best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in the UK”.

Charlotte is very pleased with her new nose and she, not unexpectedly, broadcast her appreciation via Twitter:

charlotte crosby nose job before and after

Aside from her rhinoplasty, Charlotte has obviously undertaken some lip augmentation. Check out her before and after photos which shows us her much fuller lips.

charlotte crosby plastic surgery before and after lip augmentation

We’re not sure if the reality lass admitted to using lip fillers but beauty experts are pretty sure she did. Here’s what they are saying (via

Dr Kishan Raichura added: “The forehead is smooth and the eyes are line free, suggesting Botox use. A lip augmentation is undeniable.”

And Miss Julie Brackenbury said of possible further work: “Definitely a fan of lip fillers, Charlotte is almost unrecognisable since her post-weight loss image overhaul. She’s had filler in both bottom and top lip, in my opinion.”

Apparently, these Charlotte Crosby plastic surgery adventures became a bit controversial when she guested on Loose Women last May. What’s the controversy? Well, that it may not be good for a “youngster” like Charlotte to be going through these surgeries because of her age and because of the message it sends to young girls.

Says Loose Women presenter Janet Street Porter, “What message does that send to teenage girls who watch your show, follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, who might think, ‘My nose has a lump in it but I haven’t got £4,000 to change it’?”

What say you, fellow Famewatcher, of this controversy? Janet sure has a point but the ship has sailed on this one. We believe and we’ve been saying that parents should teach their kids to not model themselves after reality stars or celebrities. In other words, to borrow the words of The Great Oprah, parents should enable their children to “follow their own truth”.