Charlie King Boyfriend and Underwear Modeling Photos

Look who’s looking gorgeous in his Tommy Hilfiger underwear? It’s British reality star Charlie King! As we mentioned in an update to our earlier post, Charlie apparently dated singer Sam Smith (see: Sam Smith Boyfriend).

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for the two because they decided that they are better off as friends. From

The pair hung out to discover if they were compatible. Friends have said nothing romantic happened because they decided they were better off as friends.

They enjoyed each other’s company as both are quite deep individuals. They deliberately never took any pictures together because they wanted to keep it under wraps.

Sam’s schedule is incredibly hectic so their dates were very sporadic. They mutually decided in May that it wasn’t going to work.

Charlie King Boyfriend. Now, if things did not work out for Sam and Charlie, then who is this guy who kinda looks like Sam?

charlie king boyfriend

Charlie shared the above photo on Twitter (follow him @CharlieKing85) with the following message: “Sometimes it takes a while to realise that the right person was there all along!”

Because the mystery guy’s features kinda looks like Sam’s, people speculated that Charlie and Sam got back together. However, Charlie doused the thought when he tweeted this message: “just to clarify the person in the picture is not Sam Smith!!”

Well, whoever the new Charlie King boyfriend is, we wish them well and we hope they have a pretty good relationship!!! Congratulations, lovebirds.

Charlie King Underwear Modeling Photos. This section is for those who love them their underwear models. First up, here’s our British hunk in his pink Emporio Armani boxer briefs.


Charlie in his white briefs by Emporio Armani.


From skimpy briefs to long johns underwear by Calvin Klein. Our friend Deena calls this CK (Charlie King) in his CKs (Calvin Kleins).

charlie king underwear - long johns by calvin klein

Last but not the least in our Charlie King underwear photos: CK in his black Diesel briefs.


All the above Charlie King modeling photos are courtesy of Bang+Strike.