Academy-nominated actress Michelle Williams looks classy in her silk blouse and tweed skirt when the attended the luncheon for the Oscar Class of 2011 Nominees. Michelle’s getup, in case you are wondering where you saw it from, is from the Chanel 2011 Summer/Spring collection. The fab shoes is from Sergio Rossi.
Who looks better in this sexy above-the-knee Chanel dress from the label’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection? Gorgeous cougar beauty Demi Moore or The OC’s Rachel Bilson?

Really hard to decide, no? They’re both fabulous. However, we are going with Demi and declare her the winner because that badass ten-inch shoes she’s wearing fits better with the dress than Rachel’s peep toes. You agree, right?Read More →

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Light, breezy, and fun would be the best words to describe these spring dresses from the Chanel 2011 Spring Collection, no? So which of these gorgeous luxury designer dresses is your favorite?

Why are we not surprised that two of the most fashion conscious Hollywood celebrities are wearing Chanel Spring dresses? First, here’s up-and-coming actress Emma Roberts looking gorgeous in her baby blue light turquoise tweed and feathered dress from the Chanel Spring 2011 collection.Read More →

We know this post is originally for Keira Knightly but a lot of you are looking for Chanel blue dresses so we decided to give you what you are looking for. First, let’s have more famous celebrities wearing Chanel shall we? Here’s Emma Roberts looking fabulous in her light blue mini-dress. Emma may have been known earlier as simply the “niece of Julia Roberts” but she is quietly establishing a name for herself in Hollywood.

Another Emma who looks equally fabulous in Chanel blue is English beauty Emma Watson seen here in a strapless navy blue mini dress during the London premiere of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. Yeah, its way back in 2006 but chic outfits like this are ageless, right?Read More →