Cesar Cielo Swimmer in Speedos: Best Brazilian Swimmer of All Time?

Cesar Cielo Swimmer in Speedos: Best Brazilian Swimmer of All Time? Want more men in Speedo swimsuits? Eh, who doesn’t? All us do. So here’s swimming world champion Cesar Cielo, the Brazilian hottie we blogged about earlier looking fabulous in his Arena swimsuit.

Now, we are liking Cesar and we don’t mind appreciating his gorgeousness.  But we ain’t gonna trade him for our imaginary Canadian boyfriend that is diver Alex Despatie. Hehe.

Want more hot Brazilian men? Eh, who doesn’t, we all do want us some Brazilian internet boyfriends don’t we? So check out the following guys we also blogged about earlier: the shirtless Kaka of AC Milan and Edilson Nascimento in His Underwear.

cesar cielo swimmer

Swimmer’s Body: Cesar Cielo, Brazilian World Champion
07 September 2009

cesar cielo shirtless brazilian swimmer

Famewatchers, meet Brazilian swimmer Cesar Cielo. He currently holds the world record for the 100m and 50m free style which he set during the World Swimming Championships in Rome. Ain’t he hawt? You bet he is. In fact our friend Deena has named this swimming champ as her imaginary Brazilian boyfriend. If we ain’t committed to Alex Despatie, we’d call Cesar our beau too. Hehe.

cesar cielo greatest brazilian swimmer of all time

We won’t blame you if you dream about pulling down them hot jeans and Calvin Klein underwear. If you want another hot Brazilian sports guy, check out our post on Neymar da Silva.

Hot Guys in Faded Jeans: Cesar Cielo, Brazilian Swimmer
11 September 2009

cesar cielo shirtless

You’ve seen him looking fab in his Speedo swimwear, now here’s Brazilian swimmer Cesar Cielo in his somewhat faded jeans. As we mentioned earlier, this dude is the current 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle world champion. Ain’t that cool?

Do you think you can outswim him if he swims while wearing his jeans and you are in your Speedos? Nah, we don’t think we can manage to do that. He is a freakin’ world champion that’s what he is. Oh, and he is a young man too while yours truly is a woman about to enter the middle ages. Hehe.

cesar cielo swimmer model

Cesar Cielo Swimmer in Speedos: Best Brazilian Swimmer of All Time? Posted 8 September 2009.