Are Pinstripe Suits In or Out of Fashion: Menswear Style Watch Men’s fashion question of the day: Are pinstripe suits still fashionable this year and the coming years to come? Our answer: Yes it is. But don’t wear a colorful suit with big stripes to a job interview unless you are applying to be the next Austin Powers in which case you should go ahead and buy yourself a multi-colored big-striped suit.

pinstripe suits in or out - austin powers suit

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Winter Leather Jackets for Men: Top Ten Designer Jackets. Want a chic leather jacket for the coming cold fall/winter months? Let’s check out what the top designer labels have to offer when it comes to winter leather jackets for men. Which of these 10 outfits are your favorites?

Our picks here at Famewatcher are as follows: Deena loves the red/orange Diesel Black Gold, Kevin chose the Bottega Veneta one, while Pim head over heels in love with the military inspired Belstaff leather jacket. What about you, which of these stylish outfits would you want to include in your closet?

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Derek Theler Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? What type of underwear does Derek Theler wear? We’d like to think he is a briefs guy (particularly tighty whities) but we don’t really know his underwear preference. But we do see him wearing a pair of sexy black boxer briefs in this vidcap from Katherine Heigl’s I Hate Balls video. Well, she hates balls except Derek Theler’s which she worships. Want to see more men in boxers underwear?

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