After Pregnancy Weight Loss: Celebrity Diet Plan and Workout Tips

After Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips and Celebrity Programs. How did your favorite celebrity moms recover their weight after giving birth? What workout routine did they follow? Did they have a diet program which helped them loss weight but didn’t sacrifice their health as well as their baby’s? Well, here’s the after pregnancy weight loss workout and diet program of seven famous celebrities. Let’s start with:

Heidi Klum: Apparently, the German supermodel’s after-pregnancy weight loss secret is simply eating healthy and regular exercise. Here’s what she says about losing weight according to Read More

Fat Admirers (FAs) on the Tyra Show

Fat Admirers on the Tyra Show (Posted 11 August 2009. Updated 5 February 2017). Years ago, I was watching a movie called What’s Eating Gilbert Grape about two boys and their very fat mom. She was so fat she can’t get out of bed so she spent her life lying in it. I remember thinking, “There’s no way a person can be that huge. It’s just too weird to be true.”

fat admirers on tyra - whats eating gilbert grape

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Celebrity Lap Band Surgery: Before and After Photos

Celebrity Lap Band Surgery: Let’s continue blogging about weight-loss surgery measures that your favorite celebrities went through to shed those troublesome pounds. This time let’s talk about famous people who lost weight by undergoing lap band surgeries.

If you missed our earlier post on weight-loss surgeries, you might want to go check it out at Celebrity Gastric Bypass Surgery. But here’s our list of 7 Celebrities Who Had Lap Band Surgery starting with:

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