Red Wedding Dresses: Celebrity Style Edition

Red Wedding Dresses By Vera Wang. Would you wear a red wedding dress when you tie the knot? People are somewhat conditioned to think that white is the only proper color for a bride but, if Vera Wang’s latest creations catches on, we might be seeing some brides wearing red wedding dresses in the future.

Check out these gorgeous red wedding dresses from the Vera Wang Bridal Collection.

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Dermot OLeary Dee Koppang Wedding Photos

Dermot OLeary Dee Koppang Wedding Photos. Aww. Our imaginary TV-boyfriend Dermot O’Leary has gotten himself hitched. We were planning to hate on his bride but we’re not gonna because he’s clearly very, very happy like a schoolboy who just opened his gift from Santa on Christmas morning. Seriously, we’ve never seen a groom as happy as Dermot in the photo below. He is unbridled joy personified.

dermot oleary dee koppang wedding

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