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CNCO Shirtless Photos: The Next Big Latino Boyband? Famewatchers, meet CNCO aka The Next Big Latino Boyband. Is the group the next Menudo? We sure hope so! CNCO is backed by Simon Cowell and they have the blessing of Ricky Martin so they are ahead of their peers. Lord knows we’ve been praying for a boyband to replace One Direction which is headed to Splitsville. [Related post: Young Latinos in Hollywood.]Read More →

teen boys in shorts basketball - patrick schwarzenegger2

Teen Boys in Shorts – Celebrity Edition. So, we decided to update this post to give your more teen boys in basketball shorts. But, this time, let’s focus our attention to some of the famous young men who love them their basketball shorts.

Take Patrick Schwarzenegger for instance. This young man obviously loves him his basketball shorties because he’s often seen around wearing them. Whether he’s shadowboxing or running errands or vacationing in Hawaii, this Kennedy royalty is usually seen in his basketball shorts.Read More →