Supermodel Jerry Hall and her daughter, up-and-coming model Georgia May Jagger are the British faces of the Australian suncare product, Invisible Zinc. As she usually does when famous people promote products our good friend Deena goes, “Just because famous people are promoting Invisible Zinc doesn’t mean its good.” She is right, of course. So we went around the interwebs to see what ordinary people are saying about Jerry and Georgia’s Invisible Zinc. Here’s what they are saying: From the vogue forum: I applied the sunscreen before i left that morning and reapplied at least 3 times while i was there (from 12ish) maybe four times,Read More →

Do you think Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods would approve of natural cosmetics or those skin care and hair products made from organic sources? We’re guessing she will provided these products were not tested on animals. Anyhoo, organic cosmetics is becoming a rage these days. From “I think the customers really appreciate it,” says Kristin Armstrong, vice-president and general manager of Kiehl’s, well-known for its brand of natural skin and hair-care products, especially popular among celebrities. The New York-based chain opens its first store in Alberta Wednesday at Southgate Centre. “I think it makes (customers) feel safe using products that can be used on sensitiveRead More →

We must admit that when we first heard reports that Michael Jackson’s skin color turned white because of some skin condition, we went, “Yeah, right. What a convenient excuse for someone who must have spent millions of money on some skin whitening cream.” We were skeptical. Why? Mainly because a condition that causes one’s skin to turn from black to white is kinda just too weird to be true. Anyhoo, it turns out that there’s really such a skin problem. It’s called vitiligo. And here’s an article about a girl — Darcel de Vlugt — who, like Michael Jackson, turned from black to white. Here’sRead More →