Best Mens Perfumes. Want to smell like a famous man? Check out these male perfumes and colognes which your favorite celebrities are hawking. Smell like these guys and the girls will run after you (hehe). Here’s Top Seven Best Male Celebrity Perfumes and Fragrances according to us. It’s a very subjective list so don’t go complaining to your mama if your favorite perfume isn’t included here.

Givenchy’s Play and Play Intense for Justin Timberlake

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Cam Newton Drakkar Cologne. Let’s add NFL quarterback Cam Newton to our group of famous celebrities who are raking dough with their side-gigs as spokesmodels for fragrance companies. Famewatchers, meet Cam Newton, the face of L’Oreal’s Drakkar Essence. The Huffington Post tells us more about Cam’s newest endorsement: Continue reading “Cam Newton Girlfriend – Proof of Gayness – Shirtless Drakkar Cologne”

Eric Balfour Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Valentino V Hunk. Why is Eric Balfour going all “bendy-backwards” in the pic above? Kinda slutty, no? He is (or used to be) the celebrity spokesmodel for Valentino’s male fragrance, Valentino V. And you know, of course, how advertising people tend to up the sluttiness to sell a product, right.

Eric Balfour Valentino V Model

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