Best Mens Perfumes. Before he was discovered and became the face of Calvin Klein men’s fragrance, Man, Garrett was a tennis player for Bucknell University where he graduated in college (so don’t mistake him for a mindless himbo). He was discovered at the airport while vacationing in Barbados.Read More →

Cam Newton Drakkar Cologne. Let’s add NFL quarterback Cam Newton to our group of famous celebrities who are raking dough with their side-gigs as spokesmodels for fragrance companies. Famewatchers, meet Cam Newton, the face of L’Oreal’s Drakkar Essence. The Huffington Post tells us more about Cam’s newest endorsement: Newton has now stolen the spotlight off the field as the face (and body) of L’Oréal’s new Drakkar Essence fragrance. But don’t scoff at the idea of yet another handsome athlete fronting a beauty campaign just yet. Newton knows first hand the power of cologne — especially Drakkar Essence with its masculine-yet-sensual blend of spearmint, sage, tonkaRead More →

Why is Eric Balfour going all “bendy-backwards” in the pic above? Kinda slutty, no? He is (or used to be) the celebrity spokesmodel for Valentino’s male fragrance, Valentino V. And you know, of course, how advertising people tend to up the sluttiness to sell a product, right. The video version of the ad is interesting as it kind of misdirected us to thinking that it is a car commercial. We’d like to think that all that lying down they made Eric do is some sort of an homage to his controversial movie Lie With Me where we see Eric’s hard you-know-what. You can find theRead More →