Vin Diesel Underwear: Boxers or Briefs?

vin diesel underwear shirtless photos

Vin Diesel Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? We have blogged about his leather kilt and his leather jackets but we, apparently, never blogged about action star Vin Diesel and his underwear preference. Better late than never, huh? Does he wear boxers or briefs or thongs or thermals or boxer briefs or does he go freeballin’ like some commenter at the Unofficial Vin Diesel Fan Club forum would have us believe?
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Will Smith Underwear: Boxer Briefs in I Robot – Workout Routine

will smith underwear boxers or briefs

Will Smith Underwear. What kind of underwear does the Hollywood A-Lister prefer to wear? Apparently he likes him his boxer briefs. Here’s a really buffed and bulging Will Smith in boxer shorts. Does anyone know from what movie this still photo is from? Another pic of Will below. If we are not mistaken, these photos are from his movie, I Robot.
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Victor Arroyo Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend: Big Brother Hunk

victor arroyo shirtless

Victor Arroyo Shirtless Photos and Other Stuff. Aside from Paul Calafiore, another Big Brother housemate we’d love to watch is fitness trainer and gym manager Victor Arroyo. The reason is obvious of course. We love us our men with bulging muscles in the right places and there is no doubt that he fits the bill.
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Jason Burrill Shirtless: Celebrity Muscles on Big Brother UK

jason burrill big brother muscle

Jason Burrill Shirtless Photos. This post is for those of you who – like us – are appreciating the hunky manliness of Big Brother UK’s Jason Burrill. Now, that’s a man’s man. No wonder his ex-girlfriend Charlie Doherty — who is also cast in Big Brother among The Others — is still pining for him, is talking about Jason as the one who got away, and tattling to others about her ex.
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