Chace Crawford Leather Jacket. Ahh, Chace Crawford, how can we quit you? Admittedly, we’re really not a fan of this guy (he is too uber-pretty for our taste and we think his show Gossip Girl is more for the young ones) but we keep blogging about him for some reason. We’re guessing its because of the order of the universe; you know, Pluto being aligned with Jupiter and that kind of stuff.

chace crawford leather jacket style watch

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Bradley Cooper Leather Jacket and Other Fashion Style. We’ve seen Bradley Cooper sitting in the buff in what we called the best bath tub photos of male celebrities. Now here’s Bradley, aka Renee Zellwegers boyfriend, in an all-black get-up which does suit him nicely.

He smolders with sex appeal, no? That Renee is a lucky gal. But Bradley is a lucky boy too for having Renee as his girlfriend. Anyhoo, let’s check out these Bradley Cooper leather jackets, shall we?

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Brad Pitt Leather Jacket: Belstaff in Benjamin Button: What brand of leather jacket is Brad Pitt wearing in his 2008 movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? According to our fashion-aware friend Deena, that’s a Belstaff leather jacket made by Belstaff, a U.K. company known for its all weather motorcyle jackets. More of Brad and the leather jackets he wore during the movie below.

brad pitt leather jacket - curious case2

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