Celebrities With Money Problems: Financial Lawsuits vs. Famous People

Celebrities With Money Problems: Financial Lawsuits vs. Famous People This is a compilation of our blog posts on lawsuits filed by or against celebrities that involve financial matters. Either they’re not paying someone, or they paid someone they shouldn’t have paid, or someone cheated them of their money, et cetera. Let’s begin with:

Dane Cook vs. His Brother Darryl McCauley (20 March 2009): Look who’s been finally charged for swindling his own brother? It’s Darryl McCauley (left), that’s who. For those of you not familiar with this case, Darryl is half brother to actor Dane Cook. He was Dane’s business manager and he allegedly stole millions from his own brother.

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Dennis Hastert Victims: High School Wrestlers or Boy Scouts?

Now the truth is coming out slowly. The scandal involving former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has something to do with an alleged sexual abuse of a male student. This means that our speculation in an earlier post (Dennis Hastert Gay Secret?) is right on.

Could the alleged Dennis Hastert victims be members of the high school wrestling team of the Yorkville Community High School in Illinois which was coached by our teacher-turned-powerful-legislator? Or, considering that our family-values Republican Speaker was also involved with the Boy Scouts for 16 years, could it be that his alleged victims were scouters?

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Dennis Hastert Gay Secret? Photo With High School Wrestling Boys

Is There a Dennis Hastert Gay Secret? It’s another day and there’s another Republican scandal. And this one may yet push those stupid Duggars off the headlines because it involves a former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives which is, if we know our American politics, is the third most powerful post in the U.S. government.

Anyhoo, the guy we are referring to is former House Speaker Dennis Hastert who was indicted by a grand jury yesterday. Let’s have NPR host Robert Siegel and David Schaper tell us more: Read More