Mel Gibson Bald: Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

March 30, 2017 Pim 1

mel gibson bald hair loss before and after

Mel Gibson Bald Update: Hair Loss Linked to Violent Behavior? Gawker has an interesting story about how a hair loss expert diagnosed Gibson’s infamous outburst back in 2006 when he was caught driving under the influence and then taped making racist remarks as a behavior “typical of a male client who is starting to lose his hair.”

Prince William Hair Transplant: Restore His Crowning Glory

March 29, 2017 Pim 0

prince william hair transplant black hair imagined

Prince William Hair Transplant: Restore His Crowning Glory. If you are looking for examples of how hair loss affects the hotness of a man, you need not look further than these photos of future British king, Prince William. In our book, the Prince’s hotness rating dropped by 50% when he started losing his crowning glory.

Edward Norton Hair Transplant?

February 12, 2017 Pim 0

edward norton hair transplant before and after3

Edward Norton Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos (updated 12 February 2007): We are updating this post to add photos that supposedly indicates that Norton had a hair transplant. As in our earlier post, we are skeptical about claiming categorically that someone had done something to their hair based on their photos alone. Anyhoo, here some photos we grabbed from the internets on the changes of Norton’s hairline:

Hair Loss Urine Therapy for Baldness: Effective or Not?

February 12, 2017 Pim 1

hair loss urine therapy - the dortors

HAIR LOSS URINE THERAPY. Nonetheless, it is worth pointing out that the good thing about this therapy is that it does not cost you anything. Sure, maybe your crowning glory will smell weird but it will cost you nothing if you do try the hair loss urine therapy yourself. After all, if you’re gonna piss your “golden water” away, you might as well test if it works, right?