jason gardiner hair transplant- bald before vs hairy now

Jason Gardiner Hair Transplant. Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner is one of the lucky guys in the world who can rock the bald look. He — like Bruce Willis, Yul Brynner, Vin Diesel, Mark Strong, and the hottie White House chef that is Sam Kass — looks sexy and shaggable even when he’s got no hair. Seriously, check him out:Read More →

jeremy piven hair transplant before and after photos

Jeremy Piven Hair Transplant or Toupee King. Here are some photos of Jeremy which kinda shows differences in his hair — particularly his hair line — which do support suspicions that he has undergone hair transplant procedures. As we’ve said in our original post above, we really see nothing wrong with a celebrity like him (or any person for that matter) getting a hair transplant surgery.Read More →