Celebrity Gay Kiss: Hollywood Hunks Kissing Each Other

Celebrity Gay Kiss: Hollywood Hunks Kissing Each Other. Looking for gay celebrity kisses are you? Well, here’s a compilation of our earlier posts about Hollywood hunks and other famous men kissing each other. Who among these pairs is your favorite? Who do you think are the best kissers? Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

Brian J. Smith and Benjamin Walker: Brian J. Smith (of Stargate Universe) and Benjamin Walker (of Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers) lock lips and do more in this scene from their 2009 indie movie, The War Boys. It’s a beautiful clip, isn’t it?

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Colin Farrell and Dallas Roberts: Actors Colin Farrell and Dallas Roberts go for a good old celebrity gay kiss in their movie, A Home at the End of the World. It is based from a novel of the same title written by Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cunningham.

According to IMDB, some scenes in the movie featuring Irish hunk Colin in the buff were cut from the movie because “they were too distracting for test audiences”. Duh! What kind of test audience did the producers get to watch the movie? Conservative “Christians” like Sarah Palin perhaps? Silly test audiences.

Footballer David Beckham and a Random Dude: The football world’s king of metrosexuality David Beckham aka The Underwear Guy gets intimate with another man. Way to go, Becks. Props to you for embracing your inner ghey. Actually, we should give props to the entire footballing world because they’re really comfortable with this kind of public displays of affection. [Note: This photo may have been photoshopped.]

celebrity gay kiss - david beckham

Enrique Iglesias’ Gay Kiss: Singer Enrique Iglesias gets a kiss on the cheek from a male fan. If you are in Enrique’s shoes, what would you do in this kind of situation? Here’s the advice of our friend Kevin, “Dude, just relax and enjoy it.” We’re not quite sure whether Enrique is enjoying the man kiss he’s getting from his fan but we think it’s fair to say that he’s trying to relax.

celebrity gay kiss - enrique iglesias

Pete Doherty and a Dude: We don’t know the name of the dude that our Pete is kissing. Maybe you can ID the guy in the comments.

pete doherty gay kiss

James Franco Kisses Sean Penn and David Letterman: This is hilarious. James Franco went to the David Letterman Show to promote his movie, Milk, and David kept on asking him about his celebrity gay kiss with Sean Penn.

So our James goes, “If you want it, I’d be willing to kiss you right now” and kisses David on the cheek.

A photo of the James Franco-Sean Penn kiss. Nice one, boys.

celebrity gay kiss james franco sean penn

And a screencap of James and David. Franco is the king of celebrity gay kiss, no?

james franco gay kissing david letterman

John Brolins + Paul Haggis Make Out in Toronto: What is it about the air in Toronto that makes Hollywood celebrities drop their guard and do something fun and silly? First we had Martin Sheen showing us his Ellen underwear. Then, now, here’s a photo of actor Josh Brolin and director Paul Haggis making out during a red carpet event at the Toronto International Film Festival. Who says Canada is boring?

celebrity gay kiss josh brolin paul haggis

Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey in I Love You Philip Morris: Hollywood A-Listers Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor smooch each other in Paris, France when they went there to promote their movie, I Love You Philip Morris, about two loving guys who can’t quit each other.

celebrity gay kiss - ewan jim

Here’s a still photo from the movie of the two hunks about to kiss.

ewan mcgregor jim carrey kissing

Gays Kiss in Berlin, Germany: Admittedly, this has nothing to do with Hollywood hunks kissing dudes but we’d like to add this poster launched by the Germany Lesbian and Gay Federation in response to the increasing number of homophobic attacks in Berlin, Germany. Thankfully, the campaign has the support of Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit who had this to say about the matter: “Unfortunately, there have been many months of homophobic attacks. The mere fact that a kiss between two people triggers hatred and violence is sad and incomprehensible.” Go, Berlin!

celebrity gay kiss - german celebrities

Celebrity Gay Kiss: Hollywood Hunks Kissing Each Other posted 12 May 2011. Updated 18 April 2017.