Celebrity Engagement Rings: A-List Celebrities and Tila Tequila


Today in celebrity women’s jewelry, we bring you Tila Tequila and her engagement ring with the late Casey Johnson. Tila may be a skanky girl according to our friend Deena but we actually secretly admire her for her talent for self-promotion. Way to go, girl. Ignore them haters. After all, you’re the one with a glittering engagement ring.

Want more celebrity engagement rings? Check out the following:

Katie Holmes engagement ring from Tom Cruise: It’s a 5-carat, oval-shaped ring, set in platinum and rose gold.

Beyonce’s engagement ring from Jay-Z: It’s an 18-carat diamond set in platinum. How much did lover boy Jay-Z pay for this Lorraine Schwartz emerald-cut diamond ring? It’s reportedly worth a-freakin’ US$ 5 million.

Coleen Rooney engagement ring from Wayne Rooney: It’s a ten carat Chopard diamond ring worth £200,000. You gotta convert that to dollars and it’s around US$350,000.

Eva Longoria engagement ring from Tony Parker: Designed by famous French jewelry designer Jean Dousset, this ring is, “set in white gold, it weighs in at an eye-watering 5 carats, and includes a total of 248 smaller diamonds” according to Marie Claire Magazine.

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Marc Anthony: How much is this 8.5 carat square-cut diamond ring? It’s reportedly worth one million dollars.

Well, that’s it for now but we will be bringing you more fabulous celebrity engagement rings in the future.


Celebrity Jewelry: Julie Andrews’ Colorful Necklace
22 July 2010


Question: Whenever you hear the name of Julie Andrews do you feel the urge to go sing, “The hills are alive, with the sound of music….”? She’s a great actress with many awards to her name and she’s got a nice multi-colored necklace jewelry too. Want more women’s jewelry photos courtesy of your favorite celebrities?