charlie cox shirtless - chest hair

Charlie Cox Shirtless Photos and His Awesome Chest Hair: Oh, its Christmas in July. We consider our wish fulfilled. Thank you, Santa. Haha. Ever since we started this site, we’ve been looking for a young male celebrity who loves him his hairy chest but our search mostly ended in disappointment. Sure there are still some young men out there who are leaving their chest hair where they belong (like Darren Criss) but, for the most part, the young up-and-comers of Hollywood are shaving or waxing their body hair which is a shame because this reduces their manliness quotient by 50%.Read More →

alec baldwin underwear - briefs in miami blues

Alex Baldwin Underwear. Does Alec Baldwin prefer briefs or boxers underwear? In an interview with People Magazine back in the 1990s, he revealed that he likes them boxers better than briefs. From People: ALEC BALDWIN: The star of The Shadow really doesn’t want to talk about it. “Boxers,” he says. Why? “I can’t go into it in PEOPLE magazine.”Read More →