Matthew Cameron Model Hunk With Hairy Chest

Matthew Cameron Model Hunk With Hairy Chest. Who’d like to pull down this man’s black pants? Any volunteers? Wow. That’s a lot of hands wanting to do the job. Can’t say we’re surprised. Anyhoo, what do you think of Matthew Cameron? More importantly, what do you think of his outfit? We must say that his red tie is awesome. His striped pants are awesome too.

matthew cameron

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Charlie Cox Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Matt Murdock | Daredevil

Charlie Cox Shirtless Photos and His Awesome Chest Hair: Oh, its Christmas in July. We consider our wish fulfilled. Thank you, Santa. Haha. Ever since we started this site, we’ve been looking for a young male celebrity who loves him his hairy chest but our search mostly ended in disappointment.

Sure there are still some young men out there who are leaving their chest hair where they belong (like Darren Criss) but, for the most part, the young up-and-comers of Hollywood are shaving or waxing their body hair which is a shame because this reduces their manliness quotient by 50%.

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Men With Chest Hair: Celebrity Edition 2017 – Unwaxed, Unshaven, Natural

Men With Chest Hair 2017 Edition. We are updating this post — a little over seven years later — to give you more famous men with chest hair. Let us start with one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and the world:

Pierce Brosnan. He is close to becoming a senior citizen now but damn ain’t our Pierce hotter than you Hollywood boys. [Note: FYI Pierce is 63 years old. In the US, you gotta be 65 years old to be considered a senior citizen.]

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