Celebrity Cars: Famous Men and Women and Their Choice of Cars

david beckham jeep wrangler

Celebrity Cars: David Beckham. Footballer David Beckham drives one of his kids to school in his Jeep Wrangler. Would you believe that David is getting some bad press from British tabloids for owning a Jeep Wrangler. They go, “OMG! He has a big car. Who does he think he is? Is he going to a war zone?” Hehe. Them Brit papers can really make a stink out of everything, no?
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David Beckham Bentley Bentayga: Celebrity Cars 2016

david beckham Bentley Bentayga and breitling

David Beckham Bentley Bentayga. Beckham must have an advertising contract with Bentley because here he is in an ad campaign featuring a Bentley and a very prominently displayed Breitling watch. Very nice image, huh? Reminds us of that James Bond movie Skyfall where M dies in Scotland. Hehe. We know that’s not what the good people behind this advert were going for but we can’t help what this image evokes in our mind.
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