Celebrity Balenciaga Bags: City, Motorcycle, Velo, Matelasse

Celebrity Balenciaga Bags. We’ve seen some male celebrities who love them their The North Face Back Packs, now let’s check out their female counterparts who, for their part, love them their Balenciaga bags. Do you have a Balenciaga bag of your own? Or are you planning to buy one but can’t decide what to buy and what suits you the best? Well, what do you think of Mezhgan Hussainy’s Balenciaga Lune Tote Bag? Kinda cute, isn’t it?

celebrity balenciaga bags mezhgan hussainy lunetote

Another celebrity spotted with a Balenciaga Lune Tote is the fabulous Heroes’ actress, Ali Larter.

celebrity balenciaga bag - ali larter

What bag is the former Mrs. Tom Cruise carrying in the next pic below? That, fellow Famewatcher, is a Balenciaga Whistle Bag. So far, Katie Holmes is the only famous Hollywood celebrity we’ve seen with this bag.

celebrity balenciaga bag - katie holmes with whistle bag

In contrast, Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag is pretty popular among famous girls not only in Hollywood but also in other tinseltowns in other parts of the world. Check out, for instance, Thai actress and model Chermarn Boonyasak. That’s a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag she’s holding, baby.

celebrity balenciaga bags - chermarn boonyasak

Next in our list of celebrity Balenciaga bags is German actress and fashion model Diane Kruger who owns the same Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag but hers is colored red.

celebrities who own balenciaga bag - Diane Kruger with Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

And here’s Penelope Cruz with a brownish bag of the same make.

celebrities with balenciaga bags - penelope cruz motorcycle bag

Why is this particular bag so popular among the girls? Maybe because, as described in coolspotters.com, it is “adorned with shiny golden gems, an outpouring of luxury and sexy exlegance has a charming colour and the leather is so soft”. Well, who doesn’t like a leather accessory that is “so soft”? All of us do, right?

Anyhoo, when buying a Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, remember that it must have a serial number, an authenticity card, a dust bag, and a care booklet. Don’t fall for the fake Balenciagas from China.

Another popular Balenciaga bag is the Balenciaga City Bag. Famous celebrities who were spotted with it include Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Chastain, Kris Jenner and all her girls, Hillary Duff, Jessica Michibata, Lindsay Lohan, Chanel Iman, and a lot more too many to mention.

Here’s Hollywood royalty Beyonce Knowles and her Balenciaga City Bag.

celebrity balenciaga bags - beyonce city bag

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