Louis Vuitton Bags for Men: Justin Timberlake and Other Celebrities. Howdy, Famewatchers, here’s our imaginary Justin Timberlake quote talking about his LV bag: “I’m Justin Timberlake. I love me my Louis Vuitton bag? Hooh. Of course, men can have Louis Vuitton bags! Bags are unisex, silly.”

male celebrities with louis vuitton bags

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Celebrity Balenciaga Bags. We’ve seen some male celebrities who love them their The North Face Back Packs, now let’s check out their female counterparts who, for their part, love them their Balenciaga bags. Do you have a Balenciaga bag of your own? Or are you planning to buy one but can’t decide what to buy and what suits you the best? Well, what do you think of Mezhgan Hussainy’s Balenciaga Lune Tote Bag? Kinda cute, isn’t it?

celebrity balenciaga bags mezhgan hussainy lunetote

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Mens Designer Bags Carried By Your Favorite Male Celebrities. What brand of designer bags do your favorite male celebrities like to carry with them? Well, we have here a list of eight famous men and the designer bags they were spotted carrying.

But before we go down our list, you might want to also check out this men’s Tom Ford Bag price list, we posted earlier. Sure, the price may have changed now but you can still make a determination – of what’s cheapest or the most expensive – of the label’s men’s bags.

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