Celebrities With Tag Heuer Watches: Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Colin Farrell

Celebrities With Tag Heuer Watches. Who among your favorite celebrities or any famous people you admire like them their Tag Heuer watches? Well, we have written about them in the past but they were posted all over this website. For easy reference, we decided to compile our then-separate posts to bring you this list of Tag Heuer-lovin’ celebs. Check it out:

Colin Farrell in The Recruit. In this still photo from the 2003 movie The Recruit, Colin Farrell is seen wearing a Tag Heuer watch.

tag heuer in movies - colin farrell in the recruit

Bruce Willis in Cop Out. For his part, Bruce Willis was spotted wearing a TAG Heuer Link Calibre S Watch in the 2010 movie Cop Out which was much-criticized by critics and which earned an embarrassing 18% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes. For those of you wondering Bruce’s co-star Tracy Morgan is wearing a Casio G-Shock watch.

bruce willis tag heuer watch in cop out

Joe Manganiello. This hunky Italian-American actor proudly displays his Tag Heuer watch on the red carpet. FYI: Joe is the imaginary TV boyfriend of our Grandma Akita. She can’t wait to watch him on True Blood as the werewolf Alcide Herveaux.

celebrities with tag heuer watches

Kellan Lutz. The hunky Twilight star is wearing a Tag Heuer watch in the photo below. Since we mentioned Grandma Akita above, we must say that she’s not a fan of Kellan (or his Twilight character) because she is more into werewolves (Jacob/Taylor Lautner) rather than vampires.

President Barack Obama. What Tag Heuer model is the President wearing in the next photo below? It’s a Tag Heuer 1500 Professional, baby!

celebrities with tag heuer watches - barack obama tag heuer 1500 professional

Question for those in the know: Is the name for Tag Heuer 1500 inspired by the address of the White House where the U.S. President lives (1500 Pennsylvania Avenue)? If so, do the Tag Heuer powers-that-be present a time piece for any sitting American President?

president barack obama tag heuer 1500 professional watch

Awww. He looks so young above. Now, he’s got gray hair and look tired sometimes.

obama tag heuer watch

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