Celebrities With North Face Backpacks and Bags

Celebrities With North Face Backpacks and Bags. Since we are in the mood to blog about celebrity bags (check out our immediately preceding post on Male Celebrities With Louis Vuitton Keepall Bags), we decided to check out some of the famous men and women who were spotted with North Face bags or backpacks. [Note: Our friend Deena says it should be The North Face not just North Face. Point taken, Deenababes.]

The most famous celebrity seen with a The North Face backpack is a vampire aka Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson. Check him out carrying a The North Face Box Shot Backpack.

celebrity northface backpacks - robert pattinson

Apparently, the Twilight star really really loves him The North Face because he was also spotted during a promo tour in Rio de Janeiro carrying a The North Face Big Shot Backpack. How is “big shot” different from “box shot”? We’d like to think that the former is bigger and has more room for the things you need to carry when you travel.

celebrities with north face back packs and bags

And what kind of bag is RPattz carrying in the next pic below? That, fellow Famewatcher, is a The North Face Women’s Electra Daypack. What? You think only girls should have a women’s daypack? How sexist are you?

robert pattinson the north face womens electra daypack

Not to be outdone by Team Edward, some superfans of Team Jacob photoshopped this image of Taylor Lautner with a Big Shot backpack by The North Face.

taylor lautner - Big Shot backpack by The North Face

Still from Twilight, check out Booboo Stewart wearing a The North Face jacket.

booboo stewart lax airport with north face jacket - maybe backpack too

We’d like to think that the unseen camouflage backpack he is carrying is also made my North Face, you know, like the one below.

north face camouflage backpack