Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master II Watch

Dustin Hoffman’s Rolex: If his Meet the Parents co-star Robert de Niro wears a Rolex Daytona, what Rolex model is Dustin Hoffman wearing in these pics? It’s a Rolex GMT Master II watch, baby. Pics are from Dustin’s 1976 movie called Marathon Man.

George Eads Rolex GMT Master on CSI: We’ve seen George Eads’ tuxedo suit, now let’s check out these screen-caps from his highly-rated show, CSI. What watch is our TV-boyfriend wearing, you ask?

That’s a Rolex GMT Master baby! Another pic of George and his Rolex GMT Master after the jump.

celebrities who wear rolex gmt watch - george eads

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Updated 27 Agust 2016. Originally posted 21 October 2011.