Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master II Watch

Keanu Reeves Rolex Watch in Street Kings Movie: Did the guys of Rolex Watch make a promotional exchange deal with the producers of the 2008 Street Kings movie because, seriously, the above poster is as much an advertisement for Rolex as the movie itself. Keanu is wearing a GMT Master Rolex watch, for those of you who are wondering.

Other celebrities spotted with Rolex GMT Masters include: Benicio del Toro as Che Guevara, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gold GMT Master watch, and cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Tom Selleck’s GMT Master Rolex Pepsi Watch: Also known as The Only Hollywood Actor Who Rocks His Moustache, Tom Selleck looks like he’s rocking his Pepsi GMT Master watch too.

Another photo of Mr. Selleck looking like an awesome badass dude with The Moustache and his GMT Master watch.

Lance Armstrong’s GMT Master: We’re too tired so let’s make up an imaginary quote for Lance Armstrong talking about his GMT Master Rolex Watch and other things. See the imaginary quote below.

Us as Lance: Hello, my name is Lance Armstrong. I am a cyclist. I won that cycling competition in France and the French keep on accusing me of doping. F*ck them jealous French dudes. I am wearing a Rolex GMT Master Watch. I love me my GMT Master. I hate that loser Floyd Landis and the French who keep on accusing me of doping. I love me my Rolex. They help me win cycling competitions. How, you ask? Duh! I look at my watch and cycle faster. Duh! I have a yellow armband.

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