Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master II Watch

Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master II Watch. Clearly, the Rolex GMT Master Watch is a favorite among celebrities. It’s the watch of choice for some of the world’s revolutionaries (see Fidel Castro’s Rolex and Che Guevara’s GMT Master Rolex Watch). It’s the watch of heroes (see Chuck Yeager below). It’s the watch of tough guys/action stars (see below Clint Eastwood, Daniel Craig, Keanu Reeves, Tom Selleck, etc.). It’s also the watch of the ultimate French hunk that is Gerard Depardieu.

Why do celebrities love the Rolex GMT Master II? Well, if you travel as much as these famous people, you would also love it’s time zone capabilities. In fact, in the words of rolex.com, the GMT Master II is “the ultimate reference chosen by serious travellers and professionals who fly the world”.

Anyhoo, here’s our list of celebrities who wear Rolex GMT Master II Watches. [Note: If it seems like these were written as individual posts that were compiled to make a “master list”, it’s because they were. Said entries were published earlier in this site over the past two years. Tshuz!]

Daniel Craig: We’ve already seen Daniel Craig’s Rolex Datejust (see our post on Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell), now let’s check out his other Rolex watches. Like Brad Pitt, our Daniel apparently has a collection of Rolex watches. First, here’s Daniel going for a run with his Rolex GMT Master.

celebrities who wear Rolex GMT - daniel craig

Now here’s Daniel and his Rolex Submariner Watch.

And finally, a customized Rolex via Project X Designs Limited Edition.

Clint Eastwood: Want more male celebrity watches? Here’s Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood and his Rolex watches.

That’s a Rolex GMT Master he’s wearing in the first picture above while his watch below is a two-tone Rolex Datejust with the Jubilee bracelet. [Related: Celebrities Rolex Datejust Watches]

celebrities who wear Rolex GMT - clint eastwood

Oh, just because we called Clint Eastwood an “icon” doesn’t mean he’s not active these days. In fact you should watch out for two upcoming movies he has produced and directed: Hereafter which is scheduled for release in October this year and Hoover which is a movie biography of the legendary badass head of the CIA.

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