Celebrities Wearing Rolex Lady Datejust Watches

jennifer garner rolex lady datejust

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Lady Datejust Watches. Let’s have more Rolex for Girls but this time let’s focus on those who are wearing Lady Datejust which is promoted by Rolex as the “epitome of feminine elegance”. Some of these girls are (or were) brand ambassadors for the Swiss luxury watch while the others simply love them their Lady Datejust.
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Rolex Lady Datejust Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

Rolex Lady Datejust Celebrity Ambassadors Sophie Mautner

ROLEX LADY DATEJUST CELEBRITY AMBASSADORS. Sophie is a child prodigy who started playing piano at the age of five. She trained under Karl-Heinz Kammerlig when she was eight years old following the recommendation of Ingeborg Wunder, a professor at the Music Conservatoire in Berlin. Sophie won a German Echo-Klasik prize in 1996 for her debut CD released under the Sony label.
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