Celebrities Wearing Diesel Jeans: Denim Style Watch

Celebrities Wearing Diesel Jeans. Twilight stars Taylor Lautner and Jamie Campbell Bower share a liking to a pair of Diesel Jeans POIAK 008WM. Hey Taylor and Jamie, did you go shopping together at some Diesel store? What would Robert say about that, huh? Anyhoo, here’s Taylor in his Diesel jeans.

Celebrities Wearing Diesel Jeans

And here’s Jamie also in his Diesel denims.

Celebrities Wearing Diesel Jeans Jamie Campbell

Another celebrity seen sporting this particular Diesel jeans cut is Tony Award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne.

Celebrities Wearing Diesel Jeans Eddie Redmayne

Let’s have a closer look at the Diesel Jeans POIAK 008WM.

If your want more men in jeans, you should check out our collection of male celebrity jeans. But before you do that, you should check out these famous celebs and their Diesel denim outfits.

First, let’s have a shirtless Dax Shepard in what’s probably the naughtiest photo coming from Hollywood we’ve ever seen. We were shocked when we saw this thinking that that is his ding-dong bell but it turns out that it ain’t. Hehe. You’re da man Mr. Shepard. Now, when are you gonna show your fans the real thing?

Oops, we forgot that we are supposed to be talking about Diesel Jeans. Okay, the sexy shirtless Dax is wearing a Diesel Zathan Jeans.

Celebrities Wearing Diesel Jeans Daz Shepard

A famous celebrity who’s most avid fans have already seen his ding-dong (via a tape with some gurrrl) is Irish hunk Colin Farrell. We ain’t gonna show you that but we are gonna show you this picture of Colin dressed in a pre-faded Diesel Zathan 772 Jeans.

Another celebrity who wears Diesel jeans is Chad Michael Murray who’s seen here holding hands with girlfriend Kenzie Dalton. What Diesel is he wearing? That’s a Diesel Vicker Jeans in 71J, baby.

The last, at least for now because we intend to update this to give you more celebs-in-Diesel, of our Diesel-wearing-famous-guys is American actor Ian Somerhalder.

What particular Diesel jeans is the Vampire Diaries hunk wearing? It’s what our friend calls a Diesel Larkee Straight Leg Jeans in Raw Rinse. Quite a mouthful of a name for a pair of trousers, no? Speaking of Ian, you might want to check out our earlier post on Ian Somerhalder’s underwear. Apparently he’s more into boxers rather than briefs. Hehe.

Celebrities Wearing Diesel Jeans. Posted 3 September 2010.