Celebrities’ Rolex Datejust Watches: Famous Men Who Wear Datejust

What makes the Rolex Datejust special in the world of Rolex watches? Well, it is special because it is the first wristwatch ever with a date function. Before Rolex designers wisely added the date function to the Datejust, guys back then had to refer to a calendar if they want to check their dates. The Datejust is also special because the watch given by the Swiss watch company to thank U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower for helping kick the Nazis out of Europe (and thus saving Switzerland and the rest of the world) is actually a Rolex Datejust (and not a Rolex DayDate/President as is widely believed).

In honor of Ike, let’s have a list of Hollywood celebrities wearing Rolex Datejust watches. [Note: The following list is a compilation of individual posts published earlier in this website.]

Matthew Fox’s Rolex Watch: What model of Rolex watch is the tight shirt-dude Matthew Fox wearing in his Men’s Health cover photo. That’s a Rolex Datejust, baby. So Matthew joins our list of celebrities who love them their Rolex Datejust watches. He’s in good company too because you can’t go wrong in a list that includes the Dalai Lama [See the Dalai Lama’s watch in our post on World Leaders Who Wear Rolex.]

Andy Roddick in Print Ad For Rolex Datejust: Since we are also about Rolex advertisements, let’s check out this Rolex Datejust ad featuring tennis star Andy Roddick. The headline goes: The only thing harder to break than his serve is his will.

We sure know about Roddick’s gritty will after watching his monumental match against Roger Federer in the 2009 Wimbledon finals when he battled Federer till the very end. Though we love us our Federer, it was still heartbreaking to see Andy lose. Heck, if we had our way, we would have made him and Federer co-champions. Hehe.

Harrison Ford’s Rolex Datejust: What watch does Indiano Jones love to wear? Well, check out Harrison Ford wearing his stainless steel Rolex Datejust with a Jubilee bracelet. Harrison, aka Mr. Ally McBeal, was listed by Forbes Magazine in 2009 as one of the top earning celebrities following the very successful revival of his Indiana Jones franchise.

Watch out for our Harrison in Indiana Jones 5 which is listed to be “in development” according to IMBD.

Bruce Willis is a Rolex-Wearing Singer: Want more celebrity watches? Here’s a still photo of Bruce Willis wearing a Rolex Datejust from the 1980s television series Moonlighting.

Who’s the lucky girl? That’s his co-star the gorgeous Cybil Sheppard. Even back then, our Bruce had this impishness about him which makes him endearing.

More recent photos of Bruce wearing a Rolex watch.

Did you know that our Bruce is also a signer? He actually released an album in 1987 called The Return of Bruno. Unfortunately, his singing career didn’t take off unlike, say, the music career of David Haselhoff.

Teen Watches: Rolex Datejust for Nick Jonas. What would be a good watch for a teenage boy or girl? If s/he’s a fan of Nick Jonas (probably the most talented Jonas brother), you might want to buy him/her a Rolex Datejust.

This would give him/her the feeling that s/he’s “at par” his/her idol who’s wearing a Rolex Datejust in the pic above. The Rolex Datejust is a “self-winding chronometer wristwatch notable for becoming the first wristwatch with a date function”. And to use the words of the watchmaker itself the Datejust is “the ultimate reference chosen by those who believe in timeless elegance”. Who among our young kids would not like timeless elegance?

Want more Rolex-wearing celebrities? You might want to check out our post on celebrities who wear Rolex Explorer watches. But since we are about the Rolex Datejust, you might first want to read our post on Martin Luther King’s Rolex Datejust.