Cel Spellman Shirtless: Gay or Straight? Dating Girlfriend?

Cel Spellman Shirtless Photos. Here’s a fabulous for those of you looking for a Cel Spellman shirtless pic. We grabbed the photo from the young actor’s Instagram account which you might want to follow (@celspellman).

cel spellman shirtless - bellybutton festival japan

What exactly is he doing in this photo? Well, he explains it to in this message:

celspellman: What did you do today Cel? Participated in the Furano Bellybutton Festival & our team won! #Kabuki style. Bonkers but wonderful day!

And this is how we found out that there is such a thing as a Bellybutton festival. Our Japanese friends sure know how to have fun, no?

Anyhoo, here are more Cel Spellman shirtless photos. The images are from the Channel 4 show, Cucumber, where our Cel played the role of Adam Whitaker.

cel spellman shirtless body

cel spellman shirtless cucumber

Is Cel Spellman Gay or Straight in Real Life. He played a bi-curious teenager in Cucumber. He was also gay in the 2015 short film Closets. However, he is straight in real life. But you can call him a straight ally to the LGBT community. You know, like Avan Jogia who co-founded the organization called Straight But Not Narrow.

Anyhoo, here are some photos of Cel as a gay dude in Closets. The other guy, in case you are wondering, is Tommy Knight.

cel spellman gay kiss with tommy knight - closets

Cel Spellman Girlfriend or Relationship Status. Is he dating anyone at the moment? Or maybe he is married? Well, we know for certain that he is not married. But we do not know if he has a girlfriend at the moment. Meantime, the peepz at whosdatedwho.com as this to say about Cel’s relationship status: “According to our records, Ceallach Spellman is possibly single.”

Well, we think Cel is just too busy these days to be in a relationship. His career sure is picking up. And his much praised performance on the well-received TV show, Cold Feet, is likely to help continue to get more acting gigs in the future.

In conclusion let us end this post with this photo of Cel from Vogue Magazine.

cel spellman 50 hottest boys 2016

The mag included Cel in its list of the 50 Hottest Boys in 2016 and had this to say about the young and talented actor: “Filled to the brim with Northern charm, Radio 1 DJ Cel certainly has the gift of the gab while also bringing a certain air of a young Mr Johnny Depp to proceedings. Did you ever see a cuter freckle-filled face?”