Casey Cott Gay in Real Life? Shirtless Photo – Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

Casey Cott Gay in Real Life? Shirtless Photos and Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Who is the young hot guy in suit in the photo below?

His name, fellow Famewatcher, is Casey Cott. You might not yet know him now but his Hollywood FameMeter is about to blow up because he’s been cast to play the gay Kevin Keller in Riverdale. For those of you not into TV news, Riverdale is the TV adaptation of the much loved comicbook Archie. It will soon be airing on The CW.

hot guy in suit - casey cott - riverdale

So if he is playing a gay dude, is Casey Cott gay in real life? Or is he straight? Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

We honestly don’t know. Hehe. But if we are to make a wild guess on his gender preference, we would go for our statistical default and say he’s straight. We also do not know if he is dating anyone at the moment. But we’ll update this post in the future if we come across any information on these matters.

casey cott gay in real life - riverdale - kevin keller

In the comics though, it is worth noting that the Casey’s character (i.e., Kevin Keller) does get a boyfriend, Clay Walker. The two end up marrying each other.

casey cott gay marriage - kevin keller boyfriend clay walker

Casey on the set of Riverdale with co-stars Lochlyn Munro (who’ll be playing Hal Cooper), Ross Butler (Reggie Mantle), and KJ Apa (Archie Andrews).

casey cott riverdale

Meanwhile, check out Casey with big brother Corey Cott.

casey cott family - brother corey cott

Corey is also in the acting biz with, to date, 10 acting credits to his name. Says Casey about having an older brother who’s also an actor:

I have to say it’s been really great. We’ve always been really great brothers and now we’re two actors who do very similar things but also very different things. … I know the teachers have been very delicate about that and also really cool about it.

Let us end this post with a Casey Cott shirtless photo shall we? We grabbed this from his Instagram account which you might want to follow at @caseycott.

casey cott shirtless with ryan avalos

The other dude, in case you are curious about who he is, is Ryan Avalos. He is also an actor.

Casey Cott Gay in Real Life? Shirtless Photos and Girlfriend or Boyfriend? posted 13 December 2016.