Argh. Me not like the results tonight. Amberly Thiessen has been voted off. Argh. I must admit though that her last song choice wasn’t good. The performance wasn’t particularly inspired either. Still, I was hoping that she would move on to the next round. Anyways, on the positive side with Ambers out, I would now be rooting 100% for Mookie Morris. Bye, Amberly, keep on singing and good luck to you. PREVIOUS POSTS: Amberly Thiessen Sings 1234 Amberly Thiessen performs “1234” by Feist. I’m adding the lyrics below for those of you who would want to sing along your Canadian Idol. Amberly did a prettyRead More →

Canadian Idol Top 20 – Mookie Morris Sings Naive: The judges loved Mookie Morris’s performance with good reason. They’re correct too in thinking that Mookie’s performance will make people go check out the Kooks. I certainly am going to check them out because of Mookie’s performance. Toronto Mayor Wants You to Vote for Mookie Morris 05 August 2008 After failing to support their previous Canadian Idol wannabes, Torontonians [at least their mayor anyway] are now getting behind local boy Mookie Morris. Good. About time Torontonians support one of their own. I’m still divided between Mookie and Amberly Thiessen though. Hopefully, these two will go allRead More →

Audition Video: I like Mark Day. I like his attitude too. The judges were divided but I’m glad he got a ticket to Toronto. Go Mark, Canadian Idol’s 90 year old baby face. Lindsay Barr’s audition is really enjoyable. She kinda reminds me of American Idol’s Amanda Overmyer but Lindsay, I think, can tackle more genres. Mitch MacDonald had Sass Jordan at hello. And he’s going to Toronto. Canadian Idol Top 20: Mark Day’s Performance Canadian Idol Top 20: Mark Day, the Vote for the Worsts pick this season, opens the show by singing In Love With a Girl. Mark can certainly sing but I’mRead More →