White Wash Jeans by Calvin Klein: Eva Mendes and Jamie Dornan Advert

white wash jeans by calvin klein

White Wash Jeans by Calvin Klein. Whitewashed jeans from Calvin Klein from it’s Summer Spring 2010 collection. If you don’t know already, the ads feature the divine Eva Mendes (Did you see her in The Other Guys movie) and sexy Irish boy Jamie Dornan. You love these ads don’t you? To be sure, these two are sizzling under the sun.
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Russell Tovey Boyfriend? Plus Shirtless and Underwear Photos

russell tovey boyfriend - daniel unda1

Russell Tovey Boyfriend Plus Shirtless and Underwear Photos. When we first posted this article back in 2015, we mentioned that Russell does have a boyfriend but we didn’t know who he is. Well, we should have done a better job looking because he was apparently dating Daniel Unda at that time. Here are some pics of Russell and Daniel whom Russell described as “literally the best Venezuelan in the world”.
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