Lionel Messi Sponsors and Endorsement Deals: How Much Money Does Messi Make?

Lionel Messi Sponsors List - F50 adiZero4

Lionel Messi Sponsors and Endorsement Deals. How much money is Lionel Messi is making from his sponsorship deals? Furthermore, what companies signed him as a celebrity endorser or spokesmodel? We’re pretty sure you already know that the Argentine football star is one of the highest paid endorsers in the world. But did you know how much his endorsement contracts pay? We also don’t know. So we decided to make a Lionel Messi sponsors list and this is what we came up with. If we missed any sponsors on this list, do mention them in the comments.
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Highest Paid CEO in the World: Stephen Schwarzman or Aubrey McClendon?

Highest Paid CEO in the US. Stephen Schwarzman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Blackstone Group investment firm, is the highest paid CEO in the United States. According to the Corporate Library, a group which monitors corporate governance on behalf of shareholders, Schwarzman received US$ 702.4 million in compensation last year. Who decided to pay […]
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Highest Paid Football Player: Eli Manning and David Beckham

Highest Paid Football Player: Eli Manning and David Beckham. After signing a very lucrative contract with the NY Giants, Eli Manning is now considered as the highest paid footballer (the American version). However, he has some catching up to do with David Beckham, the other highest paid footballer (the soccer version), who’s making £30.1 million […]
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