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Lionel Messi Sponsors and Endorsement Deals. How much money is Lionel Messi is making from his sponsorship deals? Furthermore, what companies signed him as a celebrity endorser or spokesmodel? We’re pretty sure you already know that the Argentine football star is one of the highest paid endorsers in the world. But did you know how much his endorsement contracts pay? We also don’t know. So we decided to make a Lionel Messi sponsors list and this is what we came up with. If we missed any sponsors on this list, do mention them in the comments.Read More →

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James Packer Speedo and Shirtless Photos. We’d so watch a reality show starring this two. We’re pretty sure it would be much more interesting that the Kardashian shows. Wouldn’t you watch a reality show called The Super Diva and The Super Billionaire? We would bet $100 that Nick Cannon will watch it too. Hehe.Read More →

How rich is our favorite redhead Rupert Grint? According to the Daily Mail, the Harry Potter actor is “is worth around £24million”. How much would that be in US dollars? We’re too lazy to do the conversion so you have to convert it yourself. Haha. Okay, if you use the conversion rate at the time this was posted, Rupert Grint is worth US$36.5 million. That’s a lot of money for a young man of 24 so we’re happy to note that he has a management team that helps him see to it that his hard-earned money does not go to waste. Heaven knows how manyRead More →