Bryshere Gray Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Single or Has Girlfriend?

There’s a new TV/hip-hop star on the rise. His name is Bryshere Gray. He also goes by Yazz The Greatest. And he’s getting great reviews playing the role of Hakeem Lyon on the superhit Fox TV series, Empire.

Not a lot is known about him (someone should create a wikipedia page for this guy) and his profile isn’t very informative. Thankfully, Bryshere has been very forthcoming in his media interviews so we get to learn stuff like where he’s from, how he got into the acting gig, whether he has a girlfriend, and his celebrity crushes.

For those of you looking for Bryshere Gray shirtless photos.


You’ve got some nice washboard abs, Mr. Gray!

Bryshere Gray - Yazz the Greatest - shirtless underwear photos

Auditioning for the next installment of Karate Kid?