Bryce Johnson Shirtless in Pretty Little Liars

Bryce Johnson Shirtless in Pretty Little Liars. Were you once obsessed with Bryce Johnson when he was younger and are you still obsessed with him? Well, then you are like our friend Kev who fell in love with the actor when he first saw him in the MTV series Undressed.

Of course, because he is such a fanboy, Kev was delighted to see Bryce go shirtless in Pretty Little Liars where his idol plays the role of Detective Darren Wilden.

bryce johnson young man

The guy is growing old fabulously, isn’t he?

bryce johnson shirtless - pll - Detective Darren Wilden

You found what you were lookin’ for, detective? That’s not yoghurt, is it?

bryce johnson shirtless - pretty little liars

Now, to ask our usual Famewatcher question, is Bryce Johnson gay or does he have a girlfriend? The answer is that he does not have a girlfriend. But neither is he gay. What he is is a very much married man. Wiki tells us that he is married to Dawn Joanne Shand since 2003. Here’s a pic of the couple we found on the internets.

Bryce Johnson and Wife Dawn Joanne Shand

Although he is straight, our Bryce is apparently gay friendly and has, in fact, played at least two gay characters. The first one would be in Bring it On Again where he plays a gay cheerleader. Ain’t that fun?

Bryce Johnson Bree Turner Joie Lenz in Bring It On Again

Bryce as cheerleader Greg with Bree Turner (as Tina Hammersmith) and Joie Lenz (as Marni Potts). He also played another gay role in the very controversial film Harry + Max. Bryce plays Harry, Cole Williams plays Max. They are brothers whose love for each other is what you would call more than brotherly.

Bryce Johnson and Cole Williams - underwear in harry maxBryce Johnson and Cole Williams gay kiss

If that is not controversial, we don’t know what is. Anyhoo, any of you fellow Famewatchers know where the next underwear photo of our 35 year old daddy comes from? It looks like a still pic from a movie or a TV show but we don’t know from where. If you do know, do tell us in the comments. Danke.

bryce johnson underwear - briefs

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