Brody Jenner Shower Scene: Bromance Shirtless Photos

In the words of the comic genius Joel McHale: “Bromance continues to dance the thin line between homo-eroticism and outright homo-eroticism.” Seriously! That clip of Brody Jenner taking a shower and the two guys walk in, what is that? Like Deena said before, this show is Ryan Seacrest’s strategy to get into Brody’s pants. Is Ryan keeping the unaired part of the video where the camera focuses on Brody’s nether regions as Deena suspects? Watchu think, Famewatchers?

Brody Jenner Shower Photos
20 January 2009

Deena’s favorite male reality star, Brody Jenner, takes a shower in his current MTV show, Bromance. You gotta give him props for maintaining the curliness of his curly hair in the shower. What’s his secret? Is there such a thing as a perma-curl?

Anyhoo, what does Deena think of this shower scene? She went, “Huh! The camera time should have been longer! Ryan Seacrest should show more Brody in the shower scenes.” Ryan, is the producer of the show for those of you who are wondering why Deena mentioned him. She, for whatever reason we can’t fathom, believes that Ryan is not showing all the “Brody in the buff” footages and that he’s just keeping it for himself. Silly, Deena, you’re being silly.

Bromance is So Gay
22 January 2009

Still wondering if Joel McHale is correct in saying that Bromance is a show that straddles the line between homoeroticism and outright homo-eroticism? Well, here’s the photographic evidence which should prove that there’s truth to the words of that Joel dude.

Women’s underwear as trophy hats? Really? Seriously?

Eight naked hunky men and a Brody sitting in a pool. Are they, at least, wearing some kind of swim trunks? It won’t be a surprise to us if they’re not. What do you think?

Brody and a tranny looking girl.

How romantic! With fire and all.

This is the Brody Jenner goodbye-see-you-later-hug.

Is there anything gayer than muscle men in leather? Surely this is Ryan Seacrest’s dream come true!


Brody Jenner’s Bromance
20 December 2008

My bad. We just did a post on Brody Jenner without realizing that his MTV reality show, Bromance, will be debuting soon. Not sure if its going to be interesting but there’s no harm in giving it a “trial watch”. So we’ll watch the first episodes then decide whether to continue watching it. Ryan Seacrest, who obviously wants to have a bromance with Brody, is producing so expect Kathy Griffin to make jokes about it. Hehe. Love you Kathy.


UPDATE: One of Brody Jenner’s Bromance boys is Luke Verge. He eventually won the show so we made a specific page for him. Check out Luke Verge of Bromance.