Brent Everett and Chase McKenzie: Canadian Bromance

Brent Everett and Chase McKenzie: Canadian Bromance. Awww. How sweet. Brent Everett and Chase McKenzie sitting on a tree. Nice, guys. Unfortunately, we can’t show more of whatever they’re going to do on the couch here.

brent everett chase mckenzie

But if you want to see more male celebrities, athletes, actors, and guys making out, then you should click here. Now, if you want more of Canadian hunk Brent, check out his video at the Calgary Tower below. But here’s a shirtless photo of Chase for those of you Chase fans. [Update: Oops, we had to delete the photo. Sorry.]

Brent Everett Video: Calgary Tower Sight
17 December 2008

Canadian hottie Brent Everett visits the Calgary Tower. I haven’t been there but I was up Toronto’s CN Tower several times. The CN tower is much much taller than this one. So my tower is taller than your tower eh, Brent?

Brent Everett: Underwear + Athletic Shirt
23 November 2008

brent everett hot lips

Here’s a Canadian dude, Brent Everett, whose lips look like Angelina Jolie’s. Seriously. Brad Pitt will feel at home kissing him, eh? Hehe. Hey Brent, we love love love your white tank top shirt.

And we love your Calvin Klein undies too. But what are you doing dropping your pants in what looks like a green field? Are you doing that because you want to show us your Calvin Kleins? Interessant.

Update: Our Canadian cutie sure loves him his white athletic shirt. Here are more photos we grabbed from the internets of Brent rocking his classic tank tops.

brent everett modeling athletic shirt

Hey, Mr. Everett, what’s up with the “lemme pull up my tank top to show you my six pack” move? Is that your favorite pose or do photographers tell you to do that? Just askin’. Aww, our imaginary Canadian boyfriend is sleeping. Let’s not disturb him. Let him take his beauty sleep.

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