Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wife, Married, or Is He Gay?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wife, Married, or Is He Gay? Okay, this is another update that is a long time coming. We wrote the original post below back in 2010. We are updating it because our Aaron Taylor-Johnson has grown up to be a very good actor. In fact, he just bagged himself a Golden Globe acting award. He should be in the running for an Oscar, no?

Here’s our Aaron giving his thank you speech when he bagged his acting trophy. Watch.

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Ant Or Dec: Who is Ant and Who is Dec?

Ant Or Dec? Can you tell the difference between Ant and Dec? It turns out it is a problem for some people like our friend Kevin who, after reading our post on Ant and Dec Shirtless, called us to ask “Who exactly is Ant and who is Dec? How can I tell them apart?”

Don’t worry Kevin, we’re here to help you to tell who is who so you won’t refer to either of them as “Ant or Dec” as Bill Nighy does in the 2003 film Love, Actually.

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