Ant Or Dec: Who is Ant and Who is Dec?

ant or dec - tips on identifying who is ant and who is dec

Ant or Dec: Who is Ant and Who is Dec? That’s Ant on the left (your left, dear reader) and Dec is on the right (your right). Apparently, Ant and Dec agreed to position themselves this way to help people in telling them apart. Another tip you should remember in identifying who is Ant and who is Dec: Dec kinda looks like actor Michael J. Fox. The resemblance sure is uncanny, isn’t it?
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Celebrity Third Nipple: Lily Allen’s Nubbin’


Celebrity Third Nipple: Lily Allen. We may not like her take on illegal drugs (she wants you to try them) but we should give props to British singer Lily Allen for being proud of her third nipple. And she wants people to see it too because there’s nothing wrong with having one. Did you hear that, Friends! There’s nothing wrong with having a nubbin so stop teasing Chandler Bing about it. Okay?
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