colin morgan shirtless in vernon little

Colin Morgan Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Who is the hotter Merlin star: Bradley James who plays King Arthur or Colin Morgan who plays the wizard Merlin? The denizens of think Bradley is the hotter dude giving him 54% of the vote but Colin is not that far behind with 46% saying that he “outhots” his co-star.Read More →

aaron taylor-johnson wife - sam taylor-johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wife. Yes, Virginia, Aaron has a wife. Her name is Sam Taylor-Johnson and she is a movie director. Apparently, the two met and fell in love when they were making the movie Nowhere Boy (you know, the one we first blogged about below). They tied the knot in 2012 and took each other’s surname.Read More →

ant or dec - tips on identifying who is ant and who is dec

Ant or Dec: Who is Ant and Who is Dec? That’s Ant on the left (your left, dear reader) and Dec is on the right (your right). Apparently, Ant and Dec agreed to position themselves this way to help people in telling them apart. Another tip you should remember in identifying who is Ant and who is Dec: Dec kinda looks like actor Michael J. Fox. The resemblance sure is uncanny, isn’t it?Read More →