Britain’s Got Talent Anthony Ghosh aka DJ Talent is some kind of a psycho who tormented his ex-girlfriend Fawne Cox after she dumped him. According to The Sun, DJ Talent threatened to have his ex-lover shot after she ditched him. Says Fawne: “When I got the message saying, ‘I’m going to get you shot’ I just froze. That really scared me. He was so delusional that I was worried he would carry it out.” Aside from threatening to have his ex-girlfriend killed, Ghosh also allegedly sent x-rated pictures of Fanwe to her bosses leading her to quit her job. Fawne says: “When he warned meRead More →

Beware Shaheen Jafargholi and Hollie Steel, you’ve got stiff competition in the race to find Britain’s Kid Wonder: twelve-year-old Callum Francis from Hertfordshire. And he’s a double threat because he knows how to sing and dance: ‘I love singing and dancing I practise everywhere, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, anywhere I can.’  Good luck, Callum. Kayim-Ali Jaffer: Britain’s Got Talent 2010 Winner? The auditions for the show that brought us Susan Boyle is underway. And this four-year-old kid named Kayim-Ali Jaffer who auditioned in London reportedly impressed the judges with his Michael Jackson-inspired performance so they voted to send him on to theRead More →

Famewatchers, meet The Singing Souls aka Louise, Hannah, and Tasha. They dream of becoming The Next Big Thing a-la Pussycat Dolls but the judges are not reportedly impressed with their performance resulting in this testy exchange according to the Daily Mail: During their performance of Taking Over Me by Evanescence, they are soon halted by all three of the buzzers. In full Mr Nasty mode, Simon says: ‘Girls, can I be honest with you? It’s one of the worst groups I’ve ever heard in my life.’ Simon is stunned when feisty Hannah respond: ‘You want to come up here and sing Simon? Because I’d likeRead More →