Brad Pitt Jeans Brand of Choice: Edwin Jeans, Rag Bones, 4Stroke Denims. Brad Pitt models a pair of Edwin jeans. Brad truly is an international image model isn’t he? He’s made to promote Softbank phones in Japan and now here’s our Brad modeling a pair of European denim jeans.

Earlier, because his head looks like its photoshopped with the rest of the image, we mistakenly thought this was a fake advertisement like the Beckham USA Selikon fake ads but it turns out that this is for realz.

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Young Brad Pitt Photos: From a Fat Baby to a Hollywood A-Lister. Apparently, a lot of you fellow Famewatchers are interested in photos of a young Brad Pitt. So we decided to do this post featuring one of the world’s most famous celebrity. What did he look like when he was a youngster? Or when he was still a struggling actor? Well, read on below if you wanna find out.

Brad as a fat baby. Don’t you just want to pinch his fat cheeks?

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Looks like Brad Pitt, the celebrity whose love for newsboy caps [See Brad Pitt’s newsboy hat] helped make the iconic hat trendy and fashionable among the today’s generation, also loves him his Stetson Pescara Fur Felt Fedora. Nice pick Brad, you sure got good taste. But it would have been more awesome if you bought your daughter Zahara her Fedora hat as well.

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