Orlando Cruz, the Puerto Rican boxing champion who recently revealed to the world that he is a gay pugilist continues to advance LGBT awareness/rights and he’s doing it the most interesting of ways: wearing a weigh-in underwear in rainbow colors. Pretty cool, no? This prompted us to wonder about the kind of underwear that the 32-year-old boxing hunk wore in his previous bouts. Let’s check them out, shall we? By the way, before we go on, we should point out that the above photo where our Orlando is wearing a pair of rainbow briefs underwear was taken during the weigh-in for his bout against MexicanRead More →

There’s a new season of Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) and, of course, yours truly will be watching the show not only because we love us some Tristan MacManus but also because we love us our Victor Ortiz. The Mexican-American boxing champ is one of 11 stars competing and we’re looking forward to watching him shake his booty. Hehe. Athletes usually win the show but our friend Kevin isn’t optimistic that Victor will be victorious and end up with the disco ball trophy. Why not? Kevin says its because Victor is partnered with a newbie, Lindsay Arnold, who is appearing on DWTS for the veryRead More →

Is British boxer Anthony Ogogo the next golden boy in professional boxing? He’s got the movie star good looks that the previous golden boy, Oscar de la Hoya, is famous for. He’s got the Olympic medal (although its bronze to Oscar’s gold). And he looks freaking hot in his Speedo swimsuit. Our British hunk easily beats Oscar in the “who looks hotter in his Speedo” contest.   Wowza. Wowza. And wowza.   Holy, canoly! Is this guy naturally gifted or is he enhanced by one of them men’s bulge enhancing underwear? We think he is all-natural since you really can’t fake that when you areRead More →