Who says writers can’t be hunk hotties? Not us here at Famewatcher. Evidence #1 that writers can be hotties is the gay Latino hunk Richard Blanco [see Richard Blanco Shirtless & Boyfriend Mark Neveu] who sent a lot of hearts a-fluttering when he read his poem during the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. Evidence #2 would be screenwriter Dan Futterman who was Oscar-nominated in 2005 for his Capote screenplay. How hot is Dan Futterman? Well, do check out his shirtless and underwear photos from the 2000 gay indie movie, Urbania. Now, if these photos are not hot, we don’t know what is. Dan kissesRead More →

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’s gift of a book to U.S. President Barack Obama helped make said book, Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent, a best seller. In fact, we’re suddenly interested in reading it. Maybe the book is the book version of Susan Boyle, eh? CNN reports:The big winner out of this week’s Summit of the Americas in Trinidad may be a decades-old book about the exploitation of Latin American people throughout history.Eduardo Galeano’s obscure history book enjoyed a 466,378-percent increase in popularity on Amazon.com. Eduardo Galeano’s obscure history book enjoyed a 466,378-percent increase in popularity on Amazon.com.Read More →

Our Dude of the Day award goes to Alekper Aliyev, an Azeri novelist whose gay love story between an Azeri man and an Armenian man is causing a firestorm in his native Azerbaijan. We are with him in spirit and we hope he doesn’t get hurt or anything. Go, Artush and Zaur! Go, Akekper! Here’s a report from Reuters about this controversy: Alekper Aliyev’s mobile phone buzzed on the iron table. “What’s going on is a nightmare,” said the text message from one of his readers. “I worry about you. Take care. Don’t give up.” The 31-year-old Azeri novelist says he knew his latest bookRead More →