Bomber Leather Jacket for Men: D & G and Other Celebrity Brands

Bomber Leather Jacket for Men: D & G and Other Celebrity Brands. Looking for a sexy leather jacket to pair with your khaki pants? Well, you should follow this male model’s example and get yourself a bomber leather jacket by Dolce and Gabbana. It’s fit and snug and as awesome as Scottish hunk Ewan McGregor who is, as you may already know, very much a leather guy.

bomber leather jackets for men dolce gabbana

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bomber leather jacket for men dolce gabbana


Celebrities Wearing Leather Bomber Jacket
07 August 2011

This updates are for those of you who are looking for celebrities in leather bomber jackets. We begin with David Beckham who was spotted wearing this Adidas leather bomber jacket. Aside from Adidas, Becks wears other leather brands too. In fact, as we mentioned in another post, the 36-year-old footballer is instrumental in popularizing the Superdry leather hoodie particularly among the “celebrity community”.

bomber leather jacket adidas for beckham

Next up in our group of bomber-jacket-wearing celebs is Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz who is seen here in this photo with boyfriend Javier Bardem wearing a Gucci leather jacket. [Want more celebrities in Gucci?]

javier bardem gucci bomber leather jacket

For her part, country superstar LeAnne Rimes was seen at the Los Angeles Airport dressed in this 3.1 Phillip Lim leather bomber jacket.

philip lim bomber leather jacket

Of course, bomber jackets are not just for adults, they are cool and stylish for kids too. For example, check out this leather bomber jacket from your quintessential American clothing label, Levi Strauss and Company.

celebrities wearing bomber leather jackets cody simpson

You’re not familiar with Cody Simpson? Hah! You must be an old man/woman. Hehe. Cody is a 14-year-old Australian pop singer/songwriter who may be on his way to becoming the next Justin Bieber. Like Justin, he was discovered on Youtube.

Speaking of kids wearing leather jackets, we are very tempted to include British actor Russell Brand (aka Mr. Katy Perry) in our list of kids in leather.

russell brand d squared bomber leather jacket

Why, you ask? Because we think he wasn’t acting in that Arthur movie he starred in. Don’t you think he’s really a kid trapped in an adult’s body?

Bomber Leather Jacket for Men: D & G and Other Celebrity Brands. Posted 23 February 2010. Updated 30 November 2017.