Celebrities With Smooth Bodies: Did These Manly Men Get a Bodywax?

Celebrities With Smooth Bodies. We just updated our post on men with chest hair so we gotta update this post about Kellan Lutz having the smoothest chest in show business. As in the other post we linked to, this update is meant to give you more celebrities with smooth bodies.

How did these guys get the “smooth look”? Well, maybe they are born this way. Maybe they just shaved away their body hair. Or maybe, like Simon Cowell they underwent a male body hair removal procedure to get the desired smooth body effect.

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Body Waxing Good or Bad: Celebrities For and Against Body Waxing

Body Waxing Good or Bad: Celebrities For and Against Body Waxing. So, fellow Famewatchers, what is your stand on body hair removal specifically the waxing of your nether regions? Are you for or against the practice? We here at Famewatcher are divided on the matter. Kevin and Deena are what you would call “body waxing fans”. In contrast, yours truly and Grandma Akita are fans of the natural look. [Related Post: Male Celebrity Body Waxing]

Now, your favorite celebrities are just as divided on whether body waxing good or bad. Here’s what they are saying:

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