male body hair removal - simon cowell

Male Body Hair Removal Tips: The Simon Cowell Exhibit. Want to see how men get their body hair removed? Here’s a photo demonstration by none other than The Simon Cowell, probably the vainest man in modern history. Hehe. First of all, there is the anticipation. Then there’s the preparation.Read More →

body waxing good or bad - rihanna

Body Waxing Good or Bad: Celebrities For and Against Body Waxing. So, fellow Famewatchers, what is your stand on body hair removal specifically the waxing of your nether regions? Are you for or against the practice? We here at Famewatcher are divided on the matter. Kevin and Deena are what you would call “body waxing fans”. In contrast, yours truly and Grandma Akita are fans of the natural look.Read More →