Mens Body Shaping Underwear: Hom HipHugger by Triumph

Mens Body Shaping Underwear: Hom By Triumph. Are you a man trying to win the battle of the bulge? What about using a body shaping underwear for men? Seriously. Well,this is actually old news from 2006 but we find it interesting so we are re-printing this story about how Japanese men in their 30s and 40s are using body shaping underwear. We’re not sure if the trend still continues in Japan or whether it caught on in other countries.

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Men’s Body Enhancing Underwear

Men’s Body Enhancing Underwear. So you’ve been pigging out these holidays, huh? Of course we all do, don’t we? We eat and eat and eat and make a new year’s resolution about working out and eating healthy in the coming year.

Some of us will keep our resolution but most people (including us here at Famewatcher especially Kevin and Deena) will, after a month of dogged determination, eventually forget about going to the gym and eating less fatty and carb-laden food.

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