Men’s Body Enhancing Underwear in 2014. So you’ve been pigging out these holidays, huh? Of course we all do, don’t we? We eat and eat and eat and make a new year’s resolution about working out and eating healthy in the coming year. Some of us will keep our resolution but most people (including us here at Famewatcher especially Kevin and Deena) will, after a month of dogged determination, eventually forget about going to the gym and eating less fatty and carb-laden food. Good thing we can hide the extra weight gain with body enhancing/slimming/trimming underwear. Let’s take a look at what’s available in theRead More →

We’re surprised to find out that slimming underwear is not a recent thing but actually dates back to as far as …. well, whenever these men’s underwear advertisements were published. The first ad above goes: Mandate. Commands Your Attention, Slims and Trims the Body. It supposedly improves your health and builds your confidence so you should forget them old fashioned undies and get yourself a Mandate underwear, the “revolutionary undershorts that SLIM like magic”. Oh, and it comes in a striking new stripe too! More…Read More →