German Leather Jacket: Camp David Menswear. There is more to fashionable leather jacket for men than Belstaff. Admittedly, Belstaff makes probably the best leather jackets out there but shouldn’t we also look at what’s coming from other countries? Like, for instance, these Camp David leather jackets which are fabulous, fabulous, and fabulous?

german leather jacket for men

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Fathers Day Leather Jackets: Daddies in Leather Jackets. What is a good gift to give your dad this coming fathers day. Well, why don’t you buy him a leather jacket so he’ll be what our friend Kevin call a leather daddy. Hehe. But seriously, a leather jacket is a great gift idea because leather jackets look cool on any man — be they old or young, bulky or thin, grumpy or jolly good fellows.

Anyhoo, here are some celebrity leather daddies. We hope they inspire you to go find a leather jacket for your dad this coming father’s day.

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