Bjorn Borg Girls Underwear: Runway Models

Bjorn Borg Girls Underwear Runway Models. You’ve already seen male ramp models in their Bjorn Borg underwear, now its the girl models’ turn to walk in them sexy and stylish Bjorn Borg undies. The thick waistband in some of these female undies make them look like men’s underwear but they actually work in these female undies, no? Never thought that could be done. But these actually look sexy and feminine.


Bjorn Borg Girls Underwear sure are very girly and they are very well designed too.

bjorn borg womens underwear

Oh, did we say that we’re quite surprised — and pleasantly so — to find out that Bjorn, known more for his tennis exploits, was able to establish himself in the fashion business. And he did it in just a few years too.

Good for you, Mr. Borg. Now, go and kick that douchebag’s Wolfgang Joop’s ass so he will stop criticizing Heidi Klum aka our Project Runway imaginary girlfriend. Hehe.

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Bjorn Borg Underwear for Girls: Female Model Photos
30 July 2010

We’ve been blogging about Bjorn Borg’s underwear but this is the first time we blog about his underwear line for girls. Very nice. Which of these undies would you want to buy for yourself or, if you are a dude, for your girlfriend?

Bjorn Borg Girls Underwear Runway Models

Hmm, is Bjorn also into making and selling bags these days? That would be a significant addition to his product line which started out focused on producing undies. But his underwear has proven to be very successful, we read somewhere that Bjorn Borg Underwear is the number one brand in Sweden these days, so its not surprising if our talented tennis superstar-turned successful fashion tycoon adds to his product offering.

Bjorn Borg Girls Underwear Runway Models

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