Green Day Shirtless, Gay Kiss, and Underwear Photos. Are you excited with the news that the American punk rock band, Green Day, will soon be resuming their tour this coming March. We sure are excited here at Famewatcher especially and Deena and Evelyn who can’t stop listening to their Green Day collection to the point of annoying the non-Green Day Famewatchers. Anyhoo, to help excite you to go see the tour when it goes to a city near you, we decided to bring you some shirtless Green Day and underwear photos.

green day foursome

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lee ryan young - showing underwear

Lee Ryan Gay, Bisexual, or Straight? By now you would have already heard about the news that Lee Ryan of the boyband Blue has experimented with a man under the sheets. If you’ve been living under the rock (or not a British reality TV fan), he made the revelation at the Celebrity Big Brother house on BBC’s Channel Five. Let’s have the details from Continue reading “Lee Ryan Gay, Boyfriend, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos”